Certified Yoga Instructor




Janice Burt became yoga certified in January of 2015 after discovering how transformative this practice can be. She experienced a mind, soul, body connection that was beautiful and life changing. She learned to meditate for the first time and to be more aware of thought patterns and subconscious behaviors.

There is a peaceful place inside all of us and with practice, thoughtfulness, and awareness, we can access it at any time. Janice's goal is to continue accessing this place for herself and to help others get to that place in their own lives and experience internal joy and gratitude, peace and love. 


What people are saying...

~Thank you for your soul, so deeply shared and peeled open. Thank you for that gift!! And thank you for your caring and compassionate heart. May we all be so lucky to have someone like you to teach us and care for us!

~Thank you for your absolutely beautiful words about finding God within, for each and every tear, but especially those that accompanied shaking in your voice. Thank you also for your bravery and willingness to be vulnerable.

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