Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker - Janice Burt joined Toastmasters International in 2013. After living a life in denial, she is now awake and aware. She feels an internal prodding to share about her transformation from living in fear to living in love. Her ultimate desire is to inspire others to find their unique and true selves that many times lay beneath layers and layers and layers of fears and doubts, most of which come from our experiences and conditioning as children and young people. Janice would love for nothing more than for you to be inspired and live in love!

What people are saying...

"Thank you for your honesty, emotion and vulnerability.  You are an amazingly attractive speaker -- manner, articulate, expressive."

"Great speech, but even better, great structure and form.  As well put together as I have ever seen."

"Brilliant, transparent, inspiring, courageous."

"Spoken from the heart!"


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