Grief. Stricken. Heart. Sick. Panic. Rising. Cycle of Loss. Teary. Eyes. Stomach. Pit. Sadness. Sadness. And loss. What is the pain showing me? Attachment. Attachment and longing. For what never was. What never will be. Yet I cling. So desperately. Now breathe. Breathe and see. Open your eyes And experience Clarity. Truth. Wisdom. Peace. And […]

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  Women. Powerful beyond measure. Faithful to a fault. Kind amidst the hate. Keepers of secrets in a vault. Enduring when exhausted, lovely like a lake, giving everything she has. Peace and love is what she’ll make. Women are the bearers of things beautiful and divine. Her wings will open up for you, through darkness […]

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The Greatest of These

I no longer consider myself religious, but I do consider myself spiritual. I no longer cling to a set belief system, but I am open and searching. I no longer feel bad that I don’t understand it all, … but I accept my limited insight. I no longer need others to believe the way I […]

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A New Year

A new year lies ahead of me, full of endless possibility. A white page and black keys, to type just what I please. A heart sometimes divided, an aging face at times two-sided. But my deepest wish that I can see, to live in love and just be me. I sit here and contemplate, whether […]

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