My heart opens and closes. On the one hand, freedom and peace and love. On the other, constriction and panic and fear. My thoughts and my long held subconscious beliefs control the door to my heart. I'm not good enough. And it closes. I am full of love. And it opens. Time and time again, the cycle from Broken to Open and back again. Living in openness is where I want to be. The whole world will change if we open our hearts. One at a time. We'll start with seconds and then minutes and then entire days.

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Janice self-published her first book, "Bits & Pieces of a Broken Heart", in 2013. This book is a compilation of letters, poems, and speeches that she wrote during her separation and divorce. It is full of painful reflections and moments, but shows a progression of awareness and growth as well as understanding and acceptance. 

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